SMARTFOREX® is integration between a foreign exchange information system and an interactive multimedia information system.

Can BSS provide me with 24 x 7 support across Australia?

We have a range of after sales service agreements that can be adjusted according to your needs, including 24 x 7 support.

What is a foreign exchange rate board?

A foreign exchange rate board displays current foreign exchange rate information and changes to help assist decision making.

How do you install the SMARTFOREX® system?

SMARTFOREX® is available as a downloadable package. Everything you require for the smooth operation of the system is available in this package.  To install, simply follow the instructions in your package on screen. Please contact us for further information in regards to this.

How can SMARTFOREX® help me increase customer satisfaction?

SMARTFOREX® is multipurpose, which means it can display the important rate information that customers need whilst entertaining them by displaying advertising and announcements in a professional yet intuitive way.

I already have a LED exchange board which works fine, why should I invest in SMARTFOREX®?

While LED static boards are informative, they are not convenient to update. LED boards are proprietary and at the end of the day, impose higher cost for service and maintenance.

You say that you can customise the design of your SMARTFOREX®, but does this mean I have to make all the changes manually?

BSS understands that time is valuable and this is why we have provided you with professional design templates. Using these simple yet effective templates will allow you to make changes to your design format in a fast and efficient way. These design templates are available for download on our website.

I need to show customers that I am aware of their needs and preferences, how can SMARTFOREX™ help me achieve this?

SMARTFOREX® is a professional and modern foreign exchange rate board. Unlike LED boards which look outdated and plain, the SMARTFOREX® board is modern and customisable. The SMARTFOREX® can help show your customers that by using the most updated LCD technology to display important information, you are keeping up with the dynamic environment and hence are up to date with customer needs and preferences.

What businesses is SMARTFOREX® suitable for?

SMARTFOREX® is suitable for a variety of businesses including: banks, money changers, hotels, train stations, airports, travel agents, tourist information centres

It sounds very complex; I guess this means it is expensive too right?

The way we price SMARTFOREX® is based on your requirements. Pricings can be adjusted accordingly to suit your needs for cost effective solutions.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for SMARTFOREX®?

PC Requirements Intel G41 Core2Duo E7500 2.93 GHz, 320 GB 7200 RPM, 2 GB RAM
Intel GMA X4500, USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet (10/100)
LCD Requirements (minimum) Size 21 inch, resolution : 1280 x 720
Network Requirements TCP/IP, Open port 3306 for MySQL, 80 for HTTP
Software/Drivers need to be installed QuickTime, K-Lite Codec Pack

Does BSS provide training for using the SMARTFOREX®?

Yes we provide online training to ensure that you are confident in using the SMARTFOREX® board.