SMARTFOREX® offers numerous benefits to all stakeholders – your organisation or business as a whole, your management, your supervisors and staff, and especially your customers.

How can a business enjoy the benefits of Smartforex?

  • Improve the quality of customer service, level of satisfaction, and thus customer’s loyalty
  • Enhance corporate image as a professional and reliable provider of accurate currency exchange rate information
  • Search for more business opportunities to cross-sell and upsell your products and services
  • Generate more revenue with enhanced marketing and advertising capabilities

How can management enjoy the benefits of Smartforex?

  • Manage (update and distribute) forex rates and multimedia content from a central location to all or selected branches locally, regionally or globally
  • Minimise financial loss due to human error
  • Reduce costs on hardware supplies, system installation, and maintenance
  • Easily customise the look and feel of your dynamic display screens, personalising features such as colour combinations and layouts
  • Improve efficiency of staff allocation by using the smart content management tool provided by our software

How can staff enjoy the benefits of Smartforex?

  • Easily update and distribute currency exchange rate information and multimedia advertising
  • Improve their performance
  • Focus on tasks related to the core business
  • Provide the best service for your customers
  • Minimise the potential for human error in rate updates

How can customers enjoy the benefits of Smartforex?

  • Better informed with accurate and up-to-date foreign exchange rate information
  • Updated with multimedia information, such as breaking news, weather forecasts, or important announcement
  • Aware of interesting offers on particular products and services
  • Entertained with various formats of multimedia content, ranging from still image to online TV streaming

About Us

At Business Smart Solutions Pty Ltd (BSS), we have been helping businesses introduce smarter, cost-effective and best-of-breed IT solutions that radically improve business performance.

Based in Sydney, our team represents a customer-focused ethos, and over 30 years' IT and business experience across banking, self-service and retail.

Our areas of speciality cover Foreign Exchange Rate Information System, Queue Management, Cheque Processing, Cash Processing and Multi-media Information Display.

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