Foreign Exchange/ Currency Rate Board/ Display System

Built with Smart Use of Electronic Content Management and Multimedia Solutions

Built with Smart Use of Electronic Content Management and Multimedia Solutions

SMARTFOREX® is a powerful foreign exchange rate (forex/fx) information solution to help you optimise business performance through state-of-the art features.

  • Real time update of forex/ currency rate information
  • Flexible system configuration - standalone or network integrated
  • Seamless integration with existing data feeds
  • Customisable display screen
  • Over 150 ready-to-use international currencies
  • Integrated multimedia advertising
  • Display of real time RSS feeds
  • Non-proprietary hardware – LCD / LED LCD monitor of any brand, model and size

Suitable for banks, hotels, money changers, airports, travel agencies and many more, SMARTFOREX® is the ultimate solution for single to multi-scale business which revolves around currency trading or simply foreign exchange information service.

Real time updates

SMARTFOREX® is designed to synchronise real-time foreign exchange data with your displays, at a Head Office or Branch level. You’ll have the latest exchange rate information at your fingertips, so that you can make on-the-spot buy and sell decisions and sell currencies at the right price.

Flexible System Configuration

SMARTFOREX® is a solution that’s completely customisable to suit the specific needs of your business. You may choose to implement its simple, DIY, standalone setup or integrate a SMARTFOREX® suite with your local branch, regional or nationwide corporate network for flexible and accurate update on latest currency exchange rates and multimedia information.

SMARTFOREX® is so unlimited that you can even set it up at your international offices worldwide and have displayed content managed from your headquarters.

Centralised Configuration

Centralised Configuration allows for an effective and efficient business process, by which your treasury department may focus on the decision making on the buy and sell of the forex rate. While this configuration also benefits your business with a single point of data entry, the system will manage the distribution of all your most up-to-date foreign exchange rate values and latest advertising or marketing content to all your branches, regardless of their locations.

SMARTFOREX®’s advanced content management feature allows you to replicate all or selected multimedia and forex rate information across all or selected displays.

This configuration allows for powerful distribution of content in a matter of seconds and at few clicks of a button.

Localised Configuration

Localised Configuration is very suitable for developing business in a local scale. Easily deployed, the localised configuration of SMARTFOREX® gives you control over single or multiple fx rate displays at your front office or customer service centre from the back office.

With SMARTFOREX®’s user-friendly content manager, you can update your currency exchange rate and media content from the convenience of your own office. This one of a kind content management tool is also capable of deploying real time data feeds to your LCD / LED LCD screens.

Standalone Configuration

SMARTFOREX ® is also available in standalone suite which accommodates both the display screen and software solution all in one. You can deploy SMARTFOREX® on a PC-embedded LCD / LED LCD monitor or on any monitor connected to a PC, suitable for your small premises.

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