Support & Maintenance Services


Our support and maintenance service will help increase your system uptime while reducing any unpredicted downtime to help you solve all technical and operational problems. Our professional technical support staff can be conveniently contacted via email or hotline service to help you at any time with the technical know-how of your system.

We provide a range of service level agreements which includes a help desk, rapid response service and on-site visit by our highly-trained technicians for assistance, maintenance and training for you and your business convenience.

With a vast network of IT and electrical technician service, we ensure that all regions within Australia are covered, including both metropolitan and rural areas.

Our Technical Services and Support allows our customers to experience the benefits of :

  • On-time delivery, skills and experience
  • Peace of mind through accountable and dependable nationwide network of specialised technicians and support staff
  • Provision of single point of ownership for problems
  • Reduction of costs and improvements in efficiency of managing multiple vendor contracts, contacts and invoices
  • Use of strategically-located, nationwide service centres for ease of reach and prompt maintenance services
  • Allow our customers to focus on core competency

Help Desk

  • At any time your business is operating, our professional technical support staff can be conveniently contacted to guide you and assist you with a solution.
  • fax: (02) 9516 2290
  • email:
  • phone: 1300 88 18 19

About Us

At Business Smart Solutions Pty Ltd (BSS), we have been helping businesses introduce smarter, cost-effective and best-of-breed IT solutions that radically improve business performance.

Based in Sydney, our team represents a customer-focused ethos, and over 30 years' IT and business experience across banking, self-service and retail.

Our areas of speciality cover Foreign Exchange Rate Information System, Queue Management, Cheque Processing, Cash Processing and Multi-media Information Display.

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