SMARTFOREX® is integration between a foreign exchange information system and an interactive multimedia information system.

Can BSS provide me with 24 x 7 support across Australia?
What is a foreign exchange rate board?
How do you install the SMARTFOREX® system?
How can SMARTFOREX® help me increase customer satisfaction?
I already have a LED exchange board which works fine, why should I invest in SMARTFOREX®?
You say that you can customise the design of your SMARTFOREX®, but does this mean I have to make all the changes manually?
I need to show customers that I am aware of their needs and preferences, how can SMARTFOREX™ help me achieve this?
What businesses is SMARTFOREX® suitable for?
It sounds very complex; I guess this means it is expensive too right?
What are the minimum hardware requirements for SMARTFOREX®?
Does BSS provide training for using the SMARTFOREX®?

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