Boost Business with Intelligent Foreign Exchange Distribution and Display

SMARTFOREX® is an innovative foreign exchange solution designed to maximise business performance and improve the way in which rates are displayed, through a series of powerful features. Designed and developed in-house, SMARTFOREX® brings together real-time synchronisation from a centralised and branch level to the customer display, so that your business can react quickly to foreign exchange rate fluctuations and capitalise on the benefit of real-time intelligence.

MAXIMISE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE with real-time automation and reaction with SMARTFOREX®

MAXIMISE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE with real-time automation and reaction

SMARTFOREX® allows for real-time synchronisation, empowering your business to react quickly to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. Your business will benefit from the faster determination of buy and sell rates, bulk transactions, trade currency at the correct time and price and minimise revenue loss.

Our solution is 'plugged in' to the latest market information, so you can make better informed decisions on buy and sell rates and bulk transactions. Because SMARTFOREX® is developed in-house, we are able to seamlessly integrate it with your existing forex application at a Head Office or Branch level – enabling your business to fully leverage the power of automation and supercharge performance through real-time data feeds.

Our versatile SMARTFOREX® solution is built with maximum flexibility around your display needs. With SMARTFOREX®, you have access to the unlimited opportunity to visually promote special 'sale' rates and 'bulk' transactions, allowing you to maximise your competitive positioning and increase revenue and profits.

With SMARTFOREX®, you are also in control of which individual Branch (or display) shows which particular currencies. Our localisation features enable you to tailor your offering and promote specific currencies in specific areas to maximise sales on a local level.

SMARTFOREX® is designed with integrated multi-media, allowing you to easily up-sell and cross-sell amongst a captive audience of current customers. Use your SMARTFOREX® displays to advertise your business, increase sales and remind your customers why they do business with you.

INCREASE EFFICIENCY with convenient, seamless synchronisation

SMARTFOREX® is conveniently designed to automatically synchronise with your master display in seconds –streamlining your internal processes, saving your staff from manually updating foreign exchange rates and reducing human error. In freeing up this valuable capacity, your team can instead focus on other areas that will have a positive impact on your business performance.

IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE with the latest features

Our SMARTFOREX® solution is designed to bring your customers the best possible experience. They will benefit from accurate and up-to-date foreign exchange rates, a wide variety of useful information (such news, weather, special offers and important announcements) in an attractive format that's easy to read.


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